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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ahh the feel of fall is all around; Warm days, crisp nights, and golden sunlight highlighting mother natures beautiful canvas. Farming the land gives you a true appreciation for the ebb and flow of mother nature and just how much we depend on that ebb and flow. It's harvest time in the vineyard; the grapes are coming in by the tons plump and juicy. There is no real "schedule" to follow, mother nature says now and she sure means it. No matter what you "have" to do, if 2 tons of grapes are coming at 4 in the afternoon you can get a pretty good idea of what you will be doing for the next 8 hours no matter what time dinner is or for that matter bedtime. As crazy as this sounds, there is a calming, hypnotic feeling that takes hold of you at this time of year. There is so much to do and not enough time in a day to get it done; but you do. The grapes get processed and the barrels become full of their nectar, filling the barn with aromas of fermenting grapes. Oh if I could bottle that smell I could make a fortune! The anxiety and anticipation of next years vintage takes hold of your dreams. You wake in the middle of the night wondering if you mixed the yeast properly, if you left a tank open, or any other disaster you can conjure up to drive yourself crazy. Morning comes, the grapes are fermenting just fine in the tank (and not all over the floor), and then you taste the juice. Oh so sweet!! Sure that next years vintage is going to be out of this world...but what if I mess something up and ruin all of these tanks? So I have come to realize that my new job comes with new worries, new babies to nurture hoping they grow up to amaze the world! But I will settle for amazing the folks that visit our tasting room. In my previous life standing on the other side of the tasting bar listening to the winemaker passionately describe his wine; I had no idea where that passion stemmed from. I just knew I loved it. Now I know why. It is real. That is why people come to the wineries; to soak up some of that passion and fall in love with the wine. Not just grab it from the shelf. To truly "know it" and experience the process of turning sunlight into wine.


  1. What a wonderful time of year at the vineyard; I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the harvest. Congrats on a good year!

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